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I am a beginner paraglider. What are the requirements?

Requirements for registration are:

  • Flight license

    • Overland authorization / B license / IPPI 5

  • Insurance

  • approved glider

  • approved harness with protector

  • helmet

  • rescue parachute


Which gilder can I fly with?

With any certified paragliding glider.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather, the route may be changed or shortened at short notice. Since it is a Hike & Fly event, it is at least possible to hike in almost all-weather conditions.

Will there be flying in bad weather?

The pilot decides for himself when and if he flies. Normal flight rules apply - cloud flying is prohibited.

When do I get a time penalty as a FUN participant?

Fun participants can optionally take the mountain railroad for the ascent, but have to accept a 2h time penalty per lift ride.

Do I have to pay for the lift tickets?

This varies depending on the event location.

In Dorf Tirol the cable car tickets are covered by the registration fee. In Stubai the cable car tickets have to be paid separately if required.

What is the route?

Since this is a Hike & Fly competition, you can choose an individual route. An exact route planning and dealing with the personal route is an important part of the competition preparation.

What is the route like? Where can I find more information about the route?

Here you can find more information about the route.
DM_Hike and Fly Trophy_20220716_03415.jpg
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