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And that two times!
Top Race Performances

A sustainable build-up of Hike & Fly talent is key to the progress of our sport.

It's great to have you at the hike & fly event - the WANDERBIRD Trophy.

We want to honor your achievements and efforts and through the support of our sponsors we manage to distribute a prize money in the category "Hero".

The distribution of the prize money is based on the respective size of the field of participants for men and women.

You and your friends are fit and ambitious?

Then why not take the plunge and enter the "Hero" category?

We want to contribute to the promotion of these talents.

Top Race Performances (split between men and women)

  • 1st € 3.000,-

  • 2nd € 1.500,-

  • 3rd € 500,-

Even if you just want to gain your first competition experience and to improve your Hike & Fly skills, the WANDERBIRD Trophy is the perfect event for you.

With commitment and passion you can win great prizes in the Tour or Fun classifications. Be there and experience unforgettable moments!

  • Prize money for HERO category

  • Women and men prize money will be divided according to participants

  • More info about the prize money you can find in the rules

Top Storyteller Performances

There will also be prize money for the Storytelling category at the WANDERBIRD Trophy!

We are looking for the most creative minds to share the excitement and passion of the sport in compelling and entertaining reels and posts and YouTube videos on their social media channels.

Share your training experiences and your WANDERBIRD Trophy experiences in your unique way until 10 days after the event.

Simply tag your post with #wanderbird, #wanderbirdhikeandfly and #wanderbirdtrophy to do so. To make sure we find your video, post it additional in the athlete Whats App group.

INSTAGRAM: @wanderbird.hikeandfly


YOUTUBE: @wanderbird.hikeandfly

We look forward to seeing the creativity and passion of the participants and sharing the winning stories!

Top Storyteller Performances

  • 1st € 1.000,-

  • 2nd € 700,-

  • 3rd € 300,-

Submission deadline Dorf Tirol

25.07. at 11:59 am

26.07. Winner announcement via Instagram 

DM_Hike and Fly Trophy_20220716_02111.jpg
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