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The WANDERBIRD Cup is an extreme sports event. The Cup combines hiking & paragliding. Starting from the event area in the valley, the participants hike towards the paragliding take-off (Turnpoint (TP) 1). After Take off, up to 2 more Turnpoints have to be tagged mid air or on the ground before reaching goal back in the event area.


The route leads the participants partly into exposed positions. It is therefore recommended to inform yourself in advance about the condition, the course and the dangers that can lurk on the route. Caution is generally advised! Questions about the route are to be asked at the "briefing" to avoid ambiguities.

All athletes must complete the turnpoints in the given order. When reaching a turnpoint, a photo must be taken in front of the turnpoint sign as proof. Air-Turnpoints have to be reached visually or with help of GPS navigational devices. The choice of the route between the turnpoints is left to the athletes themselves (unless otherwise defined at the briefing).

Since the choice of route is left to the athletes themselves, the route will only be partially signposted.


Individual Turnpoints will be available on the specific Event page on

Route information and training on route

The inspection and training on the route is the responsibility of the respective athlete and has to be done under consideration of the rights of the neighbors, property owners and official airspace regulations. 

Turnpoints & Waypoints are available for download at the respective event. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the route in detail and to train on it.

Responsibility for legal possibility to tag Turnpoints will only be guaranteed by the organization during the event. For training purpose, this responsibility is taken by the athlete​

DM_Hike and Fly Trophy_20220716_02111.jpg
Participant rules

All men and women who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to start.

Each participant must have sufficient physical condition and experience in paragliding and alpine terrain. The permission to start depends on the acceptance of the conditions of participation.


Category and equipment

The Wanderbird Cup is a fun event for every pilot. Except otherwise stated on the specific event page, there are only two categories (female/male) and only overall winners will be awarded.

  • Prerequisites:

    • Pilot's license

    • Insurance

    • certified glider (flown within certified weight range)

    • certified harness with protector

    • helmet

    • certified reserve parachute (within certified weight range) 


The registration period for the respective Wanderbird Cup will be announced on the respective event detail page.  It is expressly pointed out that registrations can only be taken into account if all participants are registered with full details and the entry fee has been received in full on the organizer's account. If this is not the case, the registration is considered as not received. The registration takes place exclusively via the online registration on our website All registrations received by email, post, fax or telephone will not be considered. During the registration period, the current list of participants with the starting places fixed until then will be published on our website. The organizer reserves the right to exclude persons from participation at any time without giving reasons.

Entry fee

The individual entry fee for the specific Cup event will be published on the individual Event page on Should one of the athletes withdraw from the competition 14 days before the event, the entry fee will be refunded in full. After this date, a refund is no longer possible, the entry fee is forfeited in favor of the organizer. In case of a complete cancellation of the event by the organizer, the entry fee will be returned in full. In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure (e.g.: weather), no registration fees will be refunded to the athletes.

Participant limit

Registration is on a "first come - first serve" basis - limited number of participants individually defined per event.


With the participation the participant confirms to be in perfect health condition to meet the requirements of the respective event.

Bad weather variant

The Wanderbird Cup will take place in all weather conditions. If the competition is no longer sufficiently safe due to whatever circumstances (weather, etc.), the course can be relocated, shortened, only partially scored or completely cancelled. Which variant is used depends on the individual situation. In case of an event cancellation, there is no alternative competition day (except if individually stated on the specific event page on 


Race Committee

The race committee reserves the right to change the course at any time, to cancel a competition or to evaluate it only partially. The course will be adapted to the weather conditions and to the flying conditions.


There will be a mandatory briefing for all participating athletes one hour before the start of the competition.

Starter package and check-in

The distribution of the starter package and the check-in will take place according to the Event schedule.

Official staff

The instructions of the official staff of the organizer must be followed. If an instruction is not followed, the respective participant will be given a time penalty or disqualified. This applies in particular if a doctor or paramedic prohibits the participant from further participation for medical reasons. Furthermore, a disqualification will result if due to various circumstances (accident, ...) the start is interrupted by an official staff of the organizer, but the participant nevertheless continues the race.


The use of aids (motorized ascent aids, weights for paragliding, doping etc. (demonstrative enumeration)) as well as external aids of any kind are strictly forbidden.


Unfair or dangerous actions of any kind towards other participants will result in immediate disqualification. We wish that the participants support each other in case of an accident and that first aid is provided.

Sponsor areas

It is forbidden for each participant to cover or remove any sponsor surface of the organizer (start numbers, banners, headbands etc.). It is forbidden to place sponsors from outside the event along the course.

Race Committee / Protest Committee

All disputed issues will be decided exclusively by the race committee. Protests are to be submitted in writing on race day until 5 minutes after the end of the race at the race office (tent GPS issue) for a fee of € 100,-. No further appeal is allowed against the final decision of the race committee.

Members of the race committee, race committee overall management & organizers:


Image rights

By participating in Wanderbird Cup, each participant grants the organizer as well as the broadcasting TV and radio stations and photographers the irrevocable right to evaluate and publish the recordings (audio and video) made by him/her in connection with participation in Event without compensation and without temporal or spatial restriction by means of any technical process for any permitted purpose.


Participation in the Wanderbird Cup involves certain and uncertain risks for the participants. By signing the terms and conditions of participation or by checking the box in the online registration with the acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation, the participant declares that if he/she suffers any damage or is injured, he/she will not claim compensation of any kind whatsoever from the organizer, the clubs responsible for the competitions. Furthermore, by signing the conditions of participation, the participant confirms that he/she has a valid personal liability insurance and a valid personal leisure accident insurance covering his/her participation in the Wanderbird Cup. The participant will indemnify and hold the organizer harmless for any damages incurred by him/her as a result of his/her participation in the Wanderbird Cup.

Paragliding rules & Anti Doping regulations

For the paragliding competition the normal paragliding rules as well as the Code Sportive are valid. The anti-doping regulations have to be observed.

GPS Tracker

In case GPS rockets will be given to the athletes, trackers issued by the organizer must be returned immediately after the end of the race to the designated return point. If GPS trackers are lost or not returned, € 50,- will be charged per tracker.



The race committee reserves the right to change or amend these regulations at any time.


Each participant agrees that his/her name will be published in an entry & result or if he/she is determined as the winner of a discipline and gets on the podium. Likewise, each participant agrees that photographs or film recordings or interviews taken of him/her in the course of the event may be published in any media (including online) for the purpose of reporting on the event or promoting it, without the participants being entitled to any claims whatsoever in this connection.

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