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At WANDERBIRD Events you play the game of hike & fly together with like-minded people who want to have a good time and race. But what is the difference to other Hike&Fly Events?

WANDERBIRD Events are designed around our highest values: Inclusiveness, Courage (for development), Appreciation, Fun and Safety. 
This means our racing routes are designed so everybody can take part- from beginner, to pro. With that and the route design itself, we are building a learning environment, because you will meet and see the more advanced athletes not only once at the start line, but multiple times throughout the race!

Apart from the actual race on Saturday, we give you the opportunity to make more of your time and motivation with a variety of workshops- from just after your arrival on Friday, all the way to Sunday afternoon- because we appreciate every minute you choose to invest in your development.

And for those who want to really go all in, we are also going all in, by offering the ‚Become a Wanderbird‘ Coaching Program, in which Paul and Veronika will exclusively be available with a special program, for a very limited amount of athletes, throughout the weekend, to take you to the next level. 


Learn by Playing.
Grow with the challenge. 

An inspiring weekend, dedicated

to our passion: Hike & fly
You come motivated, you leave stoked and ready for your next step. Community, racing, workshops, testival- all in one event.


Let’s play the hike & fly
game together!

Your journey starts here. Everywhere.
Get your first taste of WANDERBIRD.
One day Hike & fly Comp with your community.

The wanderbird vision

The sport of hike & fly connects you with nature and makes you take responsibility for yourself. These are basics for personal development towards consciousness.

We believe that growing this sport and therewith a community, that lives up to the values needed for it, will make a positive impact in this world.

We ‚live‘ hike & fly since many years and by creating professional WANDERBIRD hike & fly Events for all the Pilots, we want to promote our sport even more and give back to the community what we have learned!

Paul Guschlbauer & Aaron Durogati


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